The John McKinley Band
The John McKinley Band

"In the game of life some are participants, some are spectators but everyone has their Window On the World" - John McKinley

Window on The World:

1. Dirty Nails (John McKinley) 2:18
2. One a Ponce a Time (John McKinley, Darius McKinley) 4:32
3. Welfare Mama (John McKinley, Darius McKinley) 3:58
4. Stratitude (John McKinley, Darius McKinley) 3:41
5. Cuando Yo Me Voy ( I'm Outta' Here) (John McKinley) 3:17
6. Rev It Up (John McKinley, Darius McKinley) 3:18
7. Keep the Door Cracked Open (John McKinley) 3:55
8. P-Nutt-Butt-Ah (John McKinley) 7:17
9. Life's a Bitch (John McKinley) 2:31
10. Cool Night Breeze (John McKinley) 3:31
11. Passionate Man (John McKinley, Darius McKinley) 3:42
12. Ontarian Song (John McKinley) 6:02

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Album Credits:

John McKinley Band is:
Ben Rollo - Drums, Vocals
Darius McKinley - Bass, Vocals
John McKinley - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Among the Hung Studio Conestogo, ON by Darryl Romphf
Produced by Darryl Romphf
Engineered by Darryl Romphf & Ben Kempel
Mixed by Darryl Romphf

A special acknowledgement to Chris & Cathy Corrigan for believing in this project

Craig McNair, Ben Rollo, Darryl Romphf vocals & vocal arrangement on One a Ponce a Time and Cuando Yo Me Voy

The Divines: Danica Guenette, Wendy Tozer & Emily Barkley vocals on Cool Night Breeze & Welfare Mama
Guitar solos on Tracks 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 & Background Vocals on Tracks 3 & 10 recorded at "Blackie's"
Danny Castro percussion on Cuando Yo Me Voy
Scott Galloway Keyboards on Welfare Mama
Melissa Barry violin on Ontarian Song
Traditional Native song Nibi sung by Rachel Lee Cousineau

All Artwork by Donovan McKinley